NQF Amendment Bill Update

Published – 20 September 2019

Umalusi hosted a roundtable discussion on 28 November 2018 on the offering of foreign qualifications in South Africa. The GED®, together with other foreign qualification providers, presented at this discussion. 

Following the roundtable, communication was sent to the Minister of Basic Education recommending the inclusion of foreign qualifications on the General and Further Education and Training Qualifications sub-framework (GFETQSF).

The outcome saw the drafting of an amendment bill, which the President then signed on 13 August 2019. The bill will come into operation on a future date to be determined by the President.

We see this as a positive first step. 

The amendment bill can be viewed here:

We have received communication from the CEO of Umalusi confirming that the status quo will remain until the finalisation of the policy on the regulation of foreign qualifications. 

New Age Requirement Policy in South Africa

Published – 14 December 2018

This serves as official notice that the GED Testing Service intends to implement a new 17 year old age requirement for testing in South Africa as of 1 April 2019.

For students who have already started studying the GED, there will an exception process to make the new policy implementation fair for those who are already in the system. Any student who is 16 years old and will have passed at least one test subject before 1 April 2019, will be allowed to continue and finish all four GED tests without being affected by the new age requirement.


USAf are now clamping down on the regulations relating to the issuing of Foreign Conditional Exemption.

USAf has confirmed in writing that they will not consider applications for foreign conditional exemption from South African-based holders of the GED® who

  • Register for, or begin work on the GED® after the end of 2018. (This will allow people currently enrolled for the GED® to complete the credential, seek admission to a foreign university and apply to the Matriculation Board for foreign conditional exemption. It will however, mean that this route will be closed to new South African GED® candidates); or
  • Obtain the GED® credential after December 2019.

Many overseas universities accept the GED® for admission purposes and offer highly regarded degree programmes. South African GED® graduates who wish to enrol for degree study do have the option to consider overseas online universities.